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Stay Upright Riding School with instructor Brian has operated from Cullys Yamaha for over 30 years.

The riding school aims to teach its students to ride motorcycles as safely as they can, not just to a standard set by the traffic authority. Therefore the skills taught at the school are well in excess of the standards required to obtain a license. Students are taught to stay on their bikes.

Stay Upright Brian first obtained his instructor’s license in 1983 and has been riding since 1971. Brian's method of tuition is easy to understand and put into action. First time motorcyclists are taught in a safe controlled area until they are at level where they are comfortable to go the road, with Brian staying with you every step of the way through Bluetooth rider-to-rider communication. 

The school provides the bikes, helmet, jacket, and two-way communication for easy learning.

With the introduction of the LAMS system the RE class entitles the riders to ride up a 660cc motorcycle as long as it is LAMS approved.

Brian has a variety of bikes, so that he can help you all the way up to your open class licence.

The aim of the school is to put safer riders on the road with a better all round understanding of the roads. 

Telephone: (08) 9344 4444
Mobile: 0407 479 513