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Yamaha Motor Finance

Lets you get what you want, NOW.

Yamaha makes great, innovative products.
We want to help you start enjoying your Yamaha sooner.
YMF Loan has been developed to do just that.
YMF Loan is a fast, state-of-the-art, industry friendly, retail finance package that can be delivered to you by your Yamaha dealer.

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What sort of YMF loan is right for you?

>YMF has a retail finance solution to suit your requirements, whether you are a private purchaser or business applicant.

Who is YMF?

YMF is the short name for Yamaha Motor Finance Australia Pty Limited. YMF is a 100% owned subsidiary of Yamaha Motor Australia Pty Ltd.

What is YMF?

How Does its Work?

YMF Loan is an automated, on-line, computer based, finance program tailored for the consumer customer.
YMF Loan takes away the time and effort normally required when obtaining a loan from other institutions. Your Yamaha dealer can enter the information directly in store through our Y Link Finance program or have the YMF Call Centre take all your details.
Because it is fully automated, YMF Loan provides on-the-spot quotations, instant credit decisions and in-store printed loan documentation.

What are the Advantages?

We understand what it means to be customer friendly. Yamaha has been supplying innovative and exciting leisure products for nearly 50 years.We want to ensure that you get to enjoy our lifestyle products even sooner.
YMF Loan is a quick and easy to use service that offers a range of flexible repayments from 24 to 60 months - you choose the option that best suits you!
YMF Loan can also finance your insurance needs as well as accessories. Now there is even more reason to take advantage of the benefits YMF Loan can offer you.

Yamaha Motorcycle Insurance

Yamaha Motorcycle Insurance is Yamaha's factory backed insurance designed to suit your needs.
Do you like getting out on the open road, or are you more the off road type?
Either way your ride needs protection through Yamaha Motorcycle Insurances. With market leading features and benefit, including fast & efficient claims service should something go wrong, ask us about your motorcycle insurance needs, whatever make and model it may be.

Comprehensive Cover - Road Registered

Yamaha factory backed
Only genuine parts used on repairs
Replacement of Yamaha motorcycle in first 3 years of registration
Up to $3,000 total cover for riding gear
No excess if you're not at fault
Lifetime guarantee on all authorised repairs
$20 million Third Party Legal Liability Cover
Agreed Value option available
Yamaha DNA Protection - no theft excess
Lay-Up: Premium discounts for the months you don't ride your motorcycle - Weekend rider cover still applies

Third Party Fire & Theft

Replacement of Yamaha Motorcycle in first 3 years of registration if stolen or damaged by fire
Replacement of Non-Yamaha motorcycles in first 2 years of registration if stolen or damaged by fire
$20 million Third Party Legal Liability Cover
We will pay up to $5,000 if your motorcycle is damaged by an uninsured Third Party - You must provide the details of the Third Party
Lay-up: Premium discounts for the months you don't ride your motorcycle - Weekend rider cover still applies
Yamaha DNA Protection - no theft excess

Third Party Only Cover
$20 million Third party Legal Liability Cover

Loan Protection Insurance

A change in your health or loss of your income can leave you struggling to make your loan repayments. YMI Loan Protection Insurance protects you against the unexpected and assists you by paying some or all of your loan payments. We offer different combinations of cover so you can choose the one that's right for you.
Disablement (illness and accident) and Hospitalisation benefits - helps with your monthly repayment if you're unable to work due to illness or injury or if you're hospitalised
CashAssist (trauma) benefit** - pays the outstanding balance of your loan up to $50,000 if you suffer a heart attack, stroke or cancer or have coronary artery surgery
Life benefit - pays the outstanding balance of your loan in full up to $100,000 in the event of your death
Involuntary unemployment benefit*** - helps pay your loan repayment if you lose your job
Total benefit - up to $100,000 in total policy benefits
Optional Extras: Joint cover is available at a discounted rate for your partner.
* Subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.
** CashAssist (trauma) benefit cover may only be purchased when a Life benefit is purchased and can only be chosen at commencement of cover.
*** Involuntary unemployment benefit cover may only be purchased with Disablement and Hospitalisation cover.

Gap Cover
YMI GAP Cover helps protect you from suffering significant financial loss. If your new motorcycle is stolen or damaged beyond repair, there may be a "Gap" between its insured value and what you still owe the financier. You may also suffer "Out of Pocket" expenses whilst trying to find another motorcycle. YMI Gap Cover protects you from falling in to this financial "Gap" and suffering financial loss & inconvenience.
$2,500 Extras Cover
No excess on claims
A simple one-off premium protects you for the duration of your loan
Motorcycle Tyre & Rim Cover

YMI Tyre & Rim Cover is a simple and easy to understand insurance policy that provides cover for repair or replacement of damaged tyres, as well as damaged wheel rims.
Your ride, Your choice ... Talk to us today